Biology is AWESOME

Eubacteria- What IS it?

Eubacteria is the only domain of the bacteria kingdom. All eubacteria are prokaryotic, meaning that their cells have no nucleus. Bacteria is also unicellular.

Fun Facts:

-In your body there is more eubacteria than there are people in the world
-Most eubacteria are HELPFUL, the minority of them causes sickness and disease

Characteristics of Eubacteria

  • Eubacteria can survive in a wide range of environments.
  • Some are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen to survive; while others are anaerobic, meaning they will die if oxygen is present.
  • Some make their own food, autotrophic, and some obtain their food from other organisms, heterotrophic.
  • There are more eubacteria than any other organism.
  • Their cell walls are made of peptidoglycan. This makes their cell walls porous but strong.
  • Some bacteria move and some do not. If a bacteria does move, it does so by either a flagella or cilia.
  • Bacteria usually reproduce asexually (by themself) through the process of binary fission
  • Bacteria in general are not harmful. Actually, the majority of the time bacteria helps. It helps us digest our food, create yogurt and cheese, and make antibiotics.
  • Many bacteria are decomposers; they help keep dead organisms from covering the world while giving plants the nutrients that are essential to their growth. 
  • Because of all their helpful uses, human could not function without bacteria, we depend on them.